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Medical Coding/Train For Competence

Published: December 09, 2016 Category: Coding News Hits: 1283
                          Many people prefer to enroll in a medical coding training program that provides the flexibility to learn medical coding in the privacy of their own home, and on their own schedule, on a full or part time basis without having to quit their current...

Four Needed Elements In ICD-10 Queries

Published: December 08, 2016 Category: Coding News Hits: 1070
  There should be no question anymore. ICD-10 codes need to be as specific as as possible. But Stephanie Ellis of Ellis Medical Consulting in Franklin, Tennessee, has found that missing specificity is a common coding error: "You can't code an...

Laterality Needed In CPT And ICD-10 Codes

Published: December 06, 2016 Category: Coding News Hits: 1033
    Redundancy is rarely desired. But when it comes to medical coding, it seems to still be a virtue. Since laterality is now a detail communicated in ICD-10-CM, it would seem that it would take care of the need to document laterality in Current...

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